About Garrard

Garrard Whatley has been lending his voice to commercials and trailers for the last 15 years out of his Santa Monica, CA recording facility, RocketWerks. His unique voice has always been a calling card: once, through casual conversation, a producer recognized that Garrard’s voice was in fact exactly what he was looking for in a trailer — and a journey to a career that was originally thought to be a sideline began.

Garrard’s range runs from intense to light, and works perfectly for everything from dramatic or comedic trailer narration… to subtle, emotional advertisements… to plainspoken, conversational commercials… to hilarious, improvised characters. He has recorded for trailers, commercials, video games and series narration.

He has been described as having “a voice that you just want to listen to…” and as being energetic, creative, personable and a joy to work with. It is no wonder that he receives calls from producers returning to him for a variety of work — with such versatility, talent, and technical and creative know-how, Garrard brings a voice and individuality to any project that takes it to the next level.

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